Research and Monitoring Unit

The Research and Monitoring Unit serves as the Division’s main public relations arm. The Unit liaises with other Sections of the Division and regional and international affiliate organizations in order to disseminate vital information to different segments of the general public on matters relevant to environmental sustainability.  The main objective of the unit is to bring about increased awareness that is complimented by national behavioral change.

The Environmental Education arm of the unit in the recent past produced several pieces of literature and other paraphernalia that have been circulated widely particularly to schools and used as tourist information.

Highlighted activities for the year usually include:

  • World Wetlands Day - (2nd February)
  • World Wildlife Day - (1st March)
  • International Day of Forests - (21st March)
  • World Water Day - (22nd March)
  • World Migratory Bird Day - (14th May)
  • World Biodiversity Day - (22nd May)
  • World Environment Day - (5th June)
  • World Day to Combat Desertification - (17th June)
  • World Rivers Day - (last Sunday in September)
  • World Mountain Chicken Day
  • World Mountain Day - (11th December)