Forestry Utilization Unit

The Forest Utilization Unit is responsible for every aspect of lumber production, from the time the tree is harvested to the sale of the seasoned wood. The Unit undertakes tree felling, lumber production, seasoning, and sale to the general public, and provides chainsaw services to some Government agencies.

    • Promotion of Underutilised Timber Species by dissemination of information and participating in Trade Promotions/Exhibitions.
    • Monitor and Provide Technical Advice on all forest utilisation operations on State Lands.
    • Salvaging Operations on State Lands as a consequence of Hurricane Impacts and potential land use change (particularly proposed Housing Settlement).
    • Harvesting of utilizable timber from Forest Plantations in order to produce of lumber thereby generate revenue for the State; lumber for furniture purposes. Lumber sold to the general public.
    • Production of lumber to facilitate maintenance of Forestry, National Parks and other Ecotourism sites; i.e. lumber for heavy construction purposes.
    • Provisions of Tree-Felling/Pruning Operations on behalf of the state to Governmental and Charitable organizations.
    • Collect/collate data on primary forest products such as Sawn Lumber, Charcoal, Fuel Wood, Round wood.
    • Promote sustainable utilisation of Timber Resources on Private lands by liaising with interested Land Owners.