Freshwater Lake

Part of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park (A World Heritage Site)
Location 2 miles or 3.2 km to the East of the village of Laudat. 9 miles or 14 km from Roseau. Over 2,500 ft. above sea level.
Access Lake Road from Laudat village junction
Trails Several trails originate from the lake area and lead to various points of interest of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park
  • Source of the Roseau River
  • Provides water for the production of Hydro-Electricity
  • Surrounded by Montane Forest
  • Abundance of epiphytes
  • Variety of birds, mammals, lizards, crabs
  • Vistas of surrounding landscape
Facilities Picnic benches, Interpretation Panels, literature, Visitor Centre, cafeteria, display room, washroom, snackette and parking
Level of Difficulty Easy to moderate
Access Time 50 minutes from the capital Roseau
  • Boating and kayaking on the lake offered by a concessionaire
  • Hiking
  • Always hike with another person
  • Do not swim in the Lake unsupervised
  • Always use your life jacket if and when you kayak or boat
  • Keep on the trails while hiking
Entrance Fee An entrance fee to access the site is required for non-residents
Day Site Pass: US $5.00 | Week Site Pass:US $12.00
Fees are subject to review
Tickets sold on site
Separate fee for boat ride or kayak use